has developed a very special program for those who are really serious about learning to trade the Forex. And by trade the Forex we mean TARGET TRADE the Forex – forget that 5-8 pips scalping stuff. For those who want to “collapse the timeframe” to “accelerate learning the Forex” or for those who are struggling to grasp the concepts of Forex Trading …Mentoring may make sense.

Forex Target Trading is radically different from the vast majority of trading styles that are taught to the novice market today. The average retail trader is taught to “scalp” a measly 5-8 pips and be happy that they are a winner. Reality is that very few people can actually be successful over the long haul with this methodology. The vast majority of these traders will “crash and burn”. This is because the deck is so stacked against you with this methodology. Forex Target Trading is actually very simple but the discipline to adhere to the rules is a must, and the ability to find the targets and trade based on price action vs. a simple trade setup is the real learning curve. Target Trading is what the Big Boys do – not what the “dumb money” does.

Be realistic — you can’t learn to be successful in the highest paid position in the world without education, time and investment. Forex Target Trading has developed a 2 month to 1 year & mentoring program to guide you through the process.

Over the years, we have noticed that traders who bounce from system to system FAIL! Those who find a Forex trading system, learn it’s rules, persevere through the learning curve; end up on the happy side of trading. Those who don’t, bounce and bounce until they ultimately blow up their accounts, quit or are taken out by the market makers who are now fat and happy on the retail traders margin accounts. So, we created a program designed to get traders to quit bouncing and get these Forex Target trading skills they need.

The Forex Target Trading curriculum is taught by Scott Barkley, President and founder of ProAct Traders LLC (award winning mentor) and Forex Target Trading. All the lessons are recorded and you can watch them as often as you want. Scott will be available to you to work you through snags “one on one” as needed to insure that you progress in your quest to become a trader. The classes are held online so there are no travel costs. We will have live venues during the year you can attend if you want.

Here’s what REAL students have to say:

“Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated and enjoyed taking the FXTT refresher training. As someone that’s been around for a few years, I originally took the training back in 2006, and back then, I recall being totally overwhelmed with all the information and now that I look back on it……not having a real clue what to do with it or how to start. I was dangerous! FXTTs training has really matured and is probably without equal in the Forex community. Your training not only gives the newbie trader much needed information but you also supply valuable insight and most of all, how to apply it along with the necessary encouragement to practice, practice, practice. As you hold this training in the future, I would like to see about attending because I always learn something new and pick up tips from you and the other traders.” – Dwaine C.


“I have been trading for 25 years. I started with equities and options in 1986. I switched to FOREX in 2005 because I got tired of my chiropractor friend telling me I was stupid for wasting my time in equities. In total, I have spent over $25K on various training seminars not counting travel expenses. Prior to meeting ProAct, I had concluded that they were all people who could not make it as a trader so they started teaching. Two years ago, I started using ProAct charts because I was impressed with their use of technology and their design thought. They were not just another ‘same-old-thing.’ Trading successfully is not easy, even with the best tools, but listening to Scott has been a turning point for me. He is honest, knowledgeable and is also experienced as a successful trader. These are unique character attributes in any profession. I have now met the other partners in the company and am impressed with their dedication to their motto, ‘no trader left behind.’ If you are willing to work, they will teach you what you need to be successful. If you want an easy way to riches, this is not it – there is none. But if you will invest yourself in doing what Scott teaches, and follow his trading plan, you’ll find this is an enjoyable way to replace or supplement income on your own schedule. Take it from someone who could have saved $25K and a lot of years if I had discovered Forex Target Trading earlier. Don’t waste your time with others.” – Jim in Phoenix

Whether one is brand new to the foreign exchange market place or one is an experienced trader, the training and courses provided by Forex Target Traders offers invaluable techniques, education and success strategies for all. No question is too small to ask.

So what does this look like as a student?

First you attend the 3 night Live Forex Training webinar and then can attend all of the training. Even if you miss a time, we record them so you can watch them again or get caught up.

Each week:

We will introduce a concept or series of related trading concepts or strategies. We will start by making sure the basics are rock solid and weekly add to that arsenal. Getting the education in small doses insures that your retention is very high. We used to try and cram this all in a 3 day session, but found that students can only absorb about 20% that way.

Each week:

Then, the following week before the daily NY session, we will bring that concept into play so that you see it over and over in a live environment. You are welcome to trade while you learn just remember: “Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used.”

Every Monday Night:

You are enrolled in both the Advanced or the Endeavor class (whichever week the venue is scheduled as), where we introduce other strategies for you to start wrapping your head around. You will get a lot of margin management tied into live trading in these classes.

When you run into a snag (and you will), you email us or call us and we will walk you through it “one on one” online.

It is this repetition and access to experienced traders which will take you further down the trading path faster than you can do by yourself. All Momentum Traders can re-attend the 3 day webinar and weekly training as many times as it is offered as long as they are a ProAct Charts subscriber.

Our goal is for you to find your specific trading style with:

  • Margin Management rules
  • Trade Setup rules
  • Trade Execution rules
  • Trade Management rules
  • Psychological rules ( keep you from yourself)

And then learn to apply this in the live environment with coaching to get you to whatever level you aspire to. To be successful, you will need to understand the “why” of the candles not just follow a trade setup.

“Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used.”